With over 10 years of experience coating firearms and automotive for the DoD and military community, we opened our doors to the civilian market in January of 2023 and obtaining our FFL/SOT to help satisfy all requirements.


Years of Experience

Veteran-Owned: We bring over a decade of experience to every project.


Customer Preferred Choice for Raleigh Area in Cerakote

 We take deep pride in becoming NIC Industries/Cerakote Customer Choice business in the Triangle. We provide our customers with phenomenal input, guidance, advice and professional opinions that keep them coming back for more.



Our Services

We do everything in our shop to NIC Industries specifications. Prep is key and we follow through with unrivaled detail and quality assurance.

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Our Partners-

SilentArms (Milling/Crowning/Optics Cuts/Threading/CNC)- A true partner and friend of Currahee Coatings offering customized slide porting, precision crown and barrel threading, inletting and CNC milling for optics cuts. With them being just a few streets down it becomes a quick one stop shop for having machine/milling worked performed by SilentArms and than coming to me for the final cerakote application.

Big Oak Coatings - (Engraving/Complex Engraving) Big Oak is a fellow cerakote applicator and a friend that not only performs amazing and quality work but also does fantastic laser engraving work. Utilizing state of the art machinery Ron is a master of his craft and I'm honored to take on projects and share with him.

4D Tactical- The best helmet pads in the game. For anyone that runs bump helmets/ballistics/night vision than look no further than the offerings that 4D Tactical provides. Not only are they state of the art catering to the military/DoD/civilian markets but there are no better pads in the game.










and answers

1What services does Currahee Coatings Offer?
Currahee Coatings offers a comprehensive range of weapon coating services, specializing in Cerakote applications. From firearms to accessories, our expert team ensures precision and quality in every coating project.
2How durable is cerakote?
Cerakote is renowned for its exceptional durability, providing superior resistance to wear, chemicals, and corrosion. Rest assured, at Currahee Coatings, we guarantee long-lasting and robust finishes for all coated items.
3Can Currahee Coatings customize a project for me?
Absolutely! Currahee Coatings takes pride in our ability to customize projects to meet your unique preferences. Whether it's a specific color, pattern, or design, our team will work closely with you to bring your vision to life.
4How do I prepare my items for shipment?
Preparing your items for shipment is easy with Currahee Coatings. Simply insure your firearms or accessories are cleaned and free from any oil or debris. Package them securely and include a note with your contact information and coating specifications. Our detailed shipping instructions are available on our website. Stating that all NFA laws apply and it is up to the buyer to insure their items properly.
5What is the turnaround time for a coating service?
At Currahee Coatings, we understand the importance of a quick turnaround. Our typical coating service timeframe ranges from 2 to 4 weeks, ensuring you receive your customized items promptly without compromising the quality of our craftsmanship.